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What is a coding mentor?

What they are, and aren't

Å coding mentor is a person which creates the correct amount of accountability and support to help you reach whatever goal you desire. Be it by learning development as a profession from scratch, learning a new tool or framework, or simply furthering your skills.

But unlike a teacher or instructor, a mentor's role is more passive. A mentor will not provide you with lectures, or material. But instead, he will guide you through what you learn, get you unstuck, and offer advice based on his/her years of expertise.

Because this also means you will be doing most of the work, an unexpected benefit of hiring a mentor is you become self-guided and autonomous as a developer. Which often translates to succesful leadership positions early on.

Benefits of hiring a mentor

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Mentorship vs Bootcamps

Which one is the best fit for me?

Bootcamps are a fantastic way to accelerate your learning and get into the web development industry. However, you are then faced with the challenging decision of picking the correct one for you. And even if you pick the correct one, there are still 2 main factors you should consider before joining a bootcamp:


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